Kaleidotrope is a place to write, review, and display images of art in its widest sense. It is a diary of sorts, but a diary that has a specific context within contemporary fine art. It is a place to encourage the facilitation of ideas for practical work, as well as consolidate thoughts of what has been witnessed.



Private Views


People, personalities, and elusive characters


The Touch This Press

I don’t want to limit myself in what I deem suitable or relevant to write about. If something interests me, it can be written about. I don’t want to edit my posts, and I don’t want the posts to relate to myself in the sense of a traditional diary. Narcisscism is to be avoided at all costs.

I am excited, and oddly relieved that I have found somewhere to write about things that I don’t talk about as much as I would like to.


3 Responses to “Magpie.”

  1. Not to be confused, I’m sure, with this Kaleidotrope. 🙂

  2. kaleidotrope Says:

    I was completely and utterly unaware of the existence of another Kaleidotrope blog until someone so kindly pointed it out to me. The two are entirely unrelated in subject matter, appearance and content, and I do not wish to offend by using the same name. It was unintentional.

  3. Oh, absolutely. I’m not upset or anything, and, as you say, the two are completely different. Mine’s the blog for my twice-yearly print zine, Kaleidotrope. I don’t see why there isn’t room for two. 🙂

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